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BOLD Calls for the Establishment of Safe Areas in Ukraine

We, the members of BOLD (Bulgarians Organising for Liberal Democracy) are watching with concern the development of the war in Ukraine. We admire the resolute resistance of the Ukrainian people and their […]

Address to the political parties participating in the negotiations for the formation of a regular government

30 November 2021 BOLD (Bulgarians Organising for Liberal Democracy) unites citizens who want Bulgaria to be a society with democratic governance and a pluralistic political system…


We bring to your attention an open letter signed by citizens on the initiative of BOLD (Bulgarian Organizing for Liberal Democracy). The letter expresses the positions of the signatories in their individual capacity.


Hoping that you sympathize with the cause of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC), at this point we, the BHC, invite you to apply to join BOLD, our community of registered supporters working for the protection of human rights and…

Goals and values

BOLD aims to increase public support for democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as to consolidate the liberal-democratic community in Bulgaria.

BOLD consists of individual members united by the following values:





Get involved

There are several ways to get involved in BOLD, as well as to support its activities.

You can take the most active part through membership in the organization. Becoming a member gives you the right to participate in all discussions and decision-making, therefore being the co-creator of BOLD’s positions on issues.

Express your interest in BOLD membership here to participate in decisions on how to protect human rights in our country, what positions to be formed on important issues of Bulgarian democracy and what will be the strategies and priorities in managing human rights and pro-democracy civic activity.

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