Event: Protest against violence against women

Event: Protest against violence against women

BOLD is involved in this year’s protest against violence against women, because the fight is not over until gender-based violence is recognized as a specific category that needs specific measures.

We strongly support the fight against stereotypes and violence against women and we will fight for the freedom and equality of women in society. Among the main demands of the protest is the prevention of violence, publicity of the problem, ensuring the protection and support of survivors of violence, justice and work with perpetrators, state policy and state bodies based on the gender equality principle.

The protest was co-organized jointly with the Student Society for Equality at Sofia University; Pro European Network; Youth LGBT organization “Action”; Bilitis Foundation; Bulgarian Fund for Women; Bulgarian Helsinki Committee; LevFem Community; bibliofem; Не ми се обиждай, но; Rainbow Hub; GLAS Foundation and Permanent Roma Conference.

We call on the citizens to be with us on November 25 from 6 and 30 p.m. before the Council of Ministers to speak out together against mental, physical and sexual violence against women.

This is the Facebook page of the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/491098091497743/