Refuting fake news

Refuting fake news

An article published in Bulgarian and Russian, entitled “The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee wants to ban parents from raising their children”, contains false information and completely misleads readers. Both the title and the statements in the article contradict the position that members of the BHC, as well as BOLD, stand behind and which was expressed and discussed in detail during the event “The Family in a Democratic Society. Can the rights of the children conflict with the rights of the family?

The event of BOLD on 31.01.2020 gave a platform to representatives of the human rights community, representatives of the organizers of the protests against the Strategy for the Child and the Law on Social Services, as well as ordinary citizens and concerned parents. It was there and then that a unique and constructive dialogue began with representatives of the protesters against the changes in the law on social services and the Strategy for the child. And thus laid the foundation for constructive communication to improve child and family protection policies.

The quoted quotations from the speeches of Prof. Antoniy Todorov, a participant in the panel discussion, are incorrectly presented, taken out of the context of what was said, which can be clearly understood from the full recording of the panel discussion. Prof. Todorov did not claim anything similar to what the correspondent of the Krasnaya Vesna news agency reported, which indicated the sensational title of the article – that “parents should be forbidden to raise their children.” He argued that not only the family has responsibilities for the upbringing of children.

Our opinion is that the materials published on the sites Да спасим децата на България, Родительское Всероссийское Сопротивление, Яндекс and Красная Весна news agency are contrary to journalistic principles for reliable presentation of information and compliance with its accuracy and objectivity. Nor can we ignore the provocative and frankly false statement “Shocking is the insolence of liberals to call everyone else ignorant and uneducated,” for which we invite the author of the text to present evidence in support of his words. The lack of his name stops us from addressing him personally.

A quick reference on the Internet leads to many Russian and Bulgarian sites and Facebook groups that have distributed the text.

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