Join BOLD.

Hoping that you sympathize with the cause of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC), at this point we, the BHC, invite you to apply to join BOLD, our community of registered supporters working for the protection of human rights and democracy.

In 2019, the BHC created BOLD – Bulgarians Organizing for Liberal Democracy, to bring together people with liberal-democratic values ​​who want to get involved in some of our activities for the promotion of democracy and human rights.

Please declare your interest in becoming a member of BOLD, in order to participate in the deciding on how to protect human rights in our country, developing positions on key issues of Bulgarian democracy, and co-creating the strategies and priorities governing civic activism on democracy and human rights.

Through BOLD, we strive to improve cooperation between professional human rights defenders and other supporters of democracy in Bulgaria, to develop new strategies for communicating our common values ​​and to improve the resilience of civil society against anti-democratic campaigns.

In today’s complex climate of pandemic and crisis, we plan to discuss issues of central importance, including, inter alia, issues related to civil liberties, citizens’ participation in governance, judicial reform, the independence of judges and prosecutors, the role of civic initiatives and NGOs, media freedom, equal rights without discrimination, minority policies, the quality of public administration, and the geopolitical dimensions of the democratic process. Please register your interest in joining us!

We will contact those of you who respond to our call. We will provide further details and help you become a registered BOLD member with the right to participate and vote.

Yes, I am interested.

Проектът „Изграждане на капацитет на БХК“ се изпълнява с финансовата подкрепа на Исландия, Лихтенщайн и Норвегия по линия на Финансовия механизъм на ЕИП []. Основната цел на проект „Изграждане на капацитет на БХК“ е подобряване на капацитета и устойчивостта на гражданския сектор, в това число на гражданските организации.