Online screening of the movie “The Cause Family”

Online screening of the movie “The Cause Family”

BOLD invites you to a free online screening of the movie “The Cause Family” (23 minutes), which can be watched live on our Facebook page – BOLD – Bulgarian Community for Liberal Democracy.

We are expecting you on 12.05.2020 from 17:00, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments during the broadcast. The questions will be answered at a next online meeting.

Link to the Facebook event –

A link to the Facebook live video will be available 7 days before the screening.

In recent years, the topic of the family, family values ​​and the rights of the child in our country has become very sensitive and has become an arena of clashes between different organizations and movements.

At the end of January 2020, BOLD initiated an open discussion on the topic of support for the family and children entitled “Can the rights of the child be contrary to the rights of the family?” – to launch a constructive dialogue between the two sides.

“It simply came to our notice then. We all understand that the problem is in the state and the way we are governed. Those who are against the Strategy for the Child and the Policy for Children, instead of completely rejecting it, let us structure ideas on how to improve ”- Ivaylo Dichev, discussant of the event.

The movie “The Cause Family” shows an authentic meeting of different communities, which began a constructive, respectful and meaningful dialogue, the continuation of which would benefit both – the families and the children of Bulgaria.

We are expecting you!

The participants in the movie:

Dr. Krassimir Kanev – Chairman of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

Prof. Ivaylo Dichev – lecturer in anthropology

Dr. Dimitrina Petrova – human rights activist, initiator of BOLD

Prof. Anthony Todorov is a political scientist

Assoc. Prof. Valentina Georgieva – sociologist

Kalina Zafirova – youth activist

Participants from the audience: Galen Todorov, Nikita Ganev, Mihaela Bozhankova, Milko Bozhankov, Sevina Hadjiyska, Diana Dimova, Karina Lamar

We also recall our position on the topic “Protection and support of the family and children in a democratic society”, based on which the event was prepared on 31.01 –