BOLD Documentary “Cause: The Family”

BOLD Documentary “Cause: The Family”

In recent years, issues around the family, family values, and the rights of the child have become very sensitive; they have become an ideological arena on which democratic organisations have clashed with conservative, traditional, and religious movements.

At the end of January 2020, BOLD held a panel discussion entitled “Can the Rights of the Child Conflict with the Rights of Its Own Family?” aimed at a constructive dialogue between the two ideological camps.

“This tension we have seen here today, it connects us. We all understand that the problem is in the state and the way we are governed. Those who are against the Child Strategy and against current child policies, should articulate structed ideas on going forward, rather than just rejecting them”, said Ivaylo Dichev during the discussion.

The documentary entitled “Cause: The Family” that BOLD launched today shows an authentic encounter of different value communities engaging in a constructive, respectful and meaningful dialogue which, if continued, would greatly benefit both families and children in Bulgaria.

The participants in the documentary include Dr Krassimir Kanev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee; Prof Ivaylo Dichev, Anthropology professor; Dr Dimitrina Petrova, human rights activist who initiated BOLD; Prof Antony Todorov, political scientist; Prof Valentina Georgieva, sociologist, and Kalina Zafirova, youth activist. Also featured are representatives of the parents’ movements who oppose the National Child Strategy: Galen Todorov, Nikita Ganev, Mikhaela Bozhankova, Milko Bozhankov, Sevina Hadjiyska, Diana Dimova, Karina Lamar.

In January 2020, BOLD publicised its position “Protection and Support of the Family and Children in a Democratic Society” outlining the themes on which the panel discussion and the documentary elaborated.